Snehathalam, the rhythm of love, is the heartbeat of every well meaning person, with a heart for the well being of fellow human beings. It is the inner call of man, to reach out to those in need and to do meaningful, selfless service to mankind. In short, Snehathalam is a union of like-minded people and organizations that have social welfare, uppermost on their minds. The NGO has so far focused on the menace of Cancer, the dreaded silent killer, with ruthless disregard for the age, status or surroundings of its victims. However the fact that early detection and necessary cure has been found to offer a more than good chance of beating the disease and giving a normal life back to the victim. This being especially true in the case of Breast Cancer and Oral cancer, Snehathalam has targeted these diseases and have conducted many camps, with noteworthy success. Based in Thiruvananthapuram, this society has its eye on all of Kerala and eventually the entire nation. The camps so far, have traversed the length and breadth of the state. Snehathalam aims at being the society that anyone can reach out to, if the fear of Cancer were ever to loom over them, anywhere in Kerala- the friend, just a phone call away. The on-going programmes of the society are listed in the post pages of this site. The contact details and the booking details are listed below in the contact and booking pages. And this comes with a call to one and all to participate in the camp nearest to you. Let not the threat of Cancer catch you unawares.

In pursuit of a cause

Snehathalam, starts with Love and Care. This rhythm of love, that beats in every human heart, the need of every human to reach out to those in distress, to protect them, to ease their pain and fear and to extend a helping hand to those in need. It is a fact, that when people and various organizations of the land come together, with a gracious helping hand from the government and local bodies, even the most Herculean of all tasks get easily done. The cause undertaken by Snehathalam was the fight against Cancer. Herculean indeed! But with single mindedness the society has gone forward and continues to.

The Organisation

Snehathalam was a concept JOINTLY derived by Swasthi Foundation and brought to reality with the whole hearted support of Shanthigiri Ashramam, Gokulam Medical College, Believers Church Medical College, Indian Medical Association, Trivandrum Oncology Club, Regional Cancer Association and PMS Dental College. The society has received the support of various Government organizations, corporate bodies, News Media, and Charitable Societies. The society was formed in the year 2013, and the first camp was organized the same year. Encouraged by the success of this camp, Snehathalam continues to do so now.

The Mission

The knotted pink ribbon has always held a dreadful hold over every feminine heart. The lump that foretold the onset of Breast Cancer, that may lead to surgical removal of the breast or even in extreme cases, cause death. However this is a disease that can be completely cured, with proper medication and care, and surgery needs to be only the last option. Snehathalam breast cancer camps, aim at early detection of breast cancer, providing the cure and creating awareness amongst women, about the needlessness of fear, with early detection. Snehathalam has also set eyes on Oral Cancer, and conducted camps for the same.

The Task Force

The Snehathalam task force consists of volunteers from all walks of life, ready to lend a hand for this great cause. Retired Government Officers, Media persons, Law Enforcement Officers and Civil Servants, Defense Personnel, Businessmen, School and College students and their teachers have all pitched in with their best. Leading this group are the team of dedicated doctors , all busy practitioners, under the banner of IMA, who have provided their expertise and hard work to further the cause. The value of the sacrifice of these doctors who forego their well earned holidays for this cannot be measured.

The Vision

Snehathalam has plans to reach every corner of Kerala through these camps and awareness programmes, in the coming years. Cancer can strike anyone at anytime and only early detection and cure can heal the afflicted. Snehathalam visualizes a future where the scourge of Cancer does not scythe hapless people and to spread a smile of reassurance to patients Plans are afoot to extend the reach of the camps and to take it across Kerala and possibly all of India. Every deadly disease can be met with and confronted successfully when good intentions and great efforts come together the Snehatrhalam way.

The Score so far

Snehathalam has, since inception conducted various camps at locations all over Kerala. The camp has also included Oral Cancer as this is another disease that can be cured completely with early detection. The society held camps for the members and families of Kerala Police. The help received from local bodies, government and corporate can never be understated. The complete statistics of the camps and the attendance are listed in the news and updates page in this site and provide a picture of success and encouragement. Snehathalam has always held the torch of Social Welfare, aloft for all to follow.


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Highlight of the Camp

  • Aimed at early detection and cure for cancer. Current focus is on Breast and Oral Cancer.
  • This facility is available to all people in the surroundings and are absolutely free of cost.
  • Includes the best doctors in Kerala, who volunteer to work on their holidays.
  • Assured support from local bodies, corporate and institutions.
  • Awareness drive to benefit the entire society.
  • Post detection care and continued support.
  • What is Special about Snehathalam camps
  • Snehathalam camps are manned by the best Oncologists in Kerala.
  • This venture is supported meaningful direction by Oncology Club and IMA.
  • All camps are conducted with support of Municipal or Panchayat authorities.
  • Follow up is also supported financially and in principle by various corporate houses.
  • Helping hand of Government and Law enforcement.
  • Organised by credible societies like Swasthi Foundation, Shanthigiri Ashram etc.

    Phase IV-Launching of Snehathalam mega drive: The mega drive will kick start from Shanthigiri ashram and will conduct tests on a targeted 4000 to 5000 women, from the panchayaths around the ashram. The panchayaths have already extended a hand of assistance. Carryingnthe drive forward, Snehathalam intends to cover 1,00,000 women over the space of 250 days. On achievement of this, the Snehathalam drive would be the only one of its kind in sheer magnitude. The dates are yet to be announced. Kindly refer our contact page for bookings and inquiries.

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